Founder (English)

Founder (English)

Kaiso (founder of Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo)Kori Masayuoshi Hisataka, Kensei 10th Dan, was born on April 22 in 1907 at Syuri in Okinawa as the second son of Seison Hisataka who was the descendant of the feudal Lord Toguchi .

He was the student of ancestor Kensei Shinun Asato and Kensei Kyan Chotoku. He practiced martial art from childhood and was taught Bo-jutsu (technique of long stick weapon) passed down in Kudaka (Hisataka) family by his father and his uncle. Famous Master of Ryukyu Ancient Martial Arts, Sanda Kinjyo was invited to the Dojo of  the Kudaka family to teach weapon technique. At the age of 12 years old, he was 174cm high, and 181cm high, 100kg weigh in his manhood  (as Japanese he was well-built comparatively). His favorite technique was left kick and was said that there was no one who could defeat him.

In 1930 after finishing his military service, as the representative of Ryukyu Martial Arts, he was invited with Kensei Chotoku Kiyan and Shihan Ryosei Kuwae to the International Budo Festival in Taipei, and showed special Karate demonstration officially for the first time. After this, visiting many places in Taiwan, China and Japan, he demonstrated and taught Karate. In 1932 he was invited to the Budo Festival to celebrate the establishment of Manchu country, again he gave Karate demonstration. At this occasion he demonstrated Kata (Form) “Kudakano Kusanku” accompanied with Japanese anthem “Kimigayo” and Bojutsu. In the presence of Emperor this was the first time for Okinawan Karate to be officially demonstrated after the Giwadan Incident in which Chinese Martial Artists were destroyed.

After the World War 2, Japan was devastated and public morals were corrupted. Kaiso thought that execution of Budo is the good way to regain healthy and sound spirit. Then promptly he educated young people with Karate and Judo to raise healthy spirit.

Kaiso dedicated his whole life to the development and advance of Karatedo, and has gone on August 13 in 1988.It is his great heritage that his many students are practicing Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo all over the world. His Karate spirit is still alive and being succeeded.