Original Style of Ryukyu (Okinawa) Karate

Original Style of Ryukyu (Okinawa) Karate

Original Style of Ryukyu (Okinawa) Karate

Okinawa is the birth place of original karatedo. And in fact the first public demonstration of Karate was given in Okinawa in 1906. The first style develop was based in the town of Shuri on Ryukyu Island. The second style was developed based in the town of Naha also on Ryukyu Island. And a third town of note is Tomari. These three towns are historically close to one another and there was exchange between the towns and between schools and masters.

Shinan Masayoshi Kori Kudaka (Histaka), Kensei, 10th Dan was the legitimate inheritor of Shorijiryu Karate in the Ryukyu Kingdom. Shinan Masayoshi Kori Kudaka (Hisataka) made a provincial tour of China, Russia, Afghanistan and around other Asian countries. Shinan Kudaka had reformed the original style of Shorinjiryu Karatedo and combined strong and highly developed techniques from those Fighting Arts and also added natural principle as well as animal movement and motion which became Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo.

Shinan Masayoshi Kori Kudaka (Hisataka)

Shinan Kudaka is a descendant of SEIWA, the 56th Emperor of Japan. Shinan Kudaka studied Ryukyu Karate including being taught and trained by Grand Master ANKOU ASATO and Master CHOUTOKU KYAMU. After World War II he returned to Kyushu Island, where he had spent his infant years, in order to study Bojutsu and Jujutsu. He then entered the army where he learned soldiery, bayonet handling and was exposed to true fighting. He continued his training in the Martial Arts but could not satisfy himself with the Dojo practice and was always looking for an opportunity to increase and test his knowledge with other Masters.

In 1929, he was the one of the representatives of Ryukyu Karate to be invited to an International Martial Arts Festival in Taiwan. After that, he toured Taiwan and China for almost a year with Master CHOJUN KYAMU, never losing a fight to a mix of Kempo practitioners, Naginata and Budo Masters. He returned to Japan where he studied Judo at the Kodokan (the Headquarters School of Judo) with Master SANPO TOKU who was the strongest Judoka at that time. While there he attained the rank of 4th DAN which was a special promotion with regards to his distinguished efforts: a truly remarkable achievement. He also studied Kendo and traveled throughout Japan competing in every police department against Kendo Masters without losing a single encounter. In one of his many demonstrations he was challenged by a swords master in a test of strength. He defeated him by breaking a hardwood board that even the sword could not cut. As a result, a duel between he and the sword master evolved. He, weaponless, defeated the sword master. Continuing his search for other Martial Arts he returned to china to master Shorinji Kempo.

Hanshi, Shinan